Yo, how come you're not updating the page anymore?
Well... There are a few reasons:

- I've lost interest, and right now opening the Pig Dance e-mail scares me... There are about 200 unanswered messages in that inbox. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my real e-mail, so that one became kind of abandoned, to say the least.

- Work is keeping me quite busy at the moment, and I want to devote the little free time I have to other things.

- Trying to keep up with all the new dance pages that were popping up all over the web was an exercise in futility. I know by my own experience that making one of those pages can take less than an hour. I did mine just for fun, but keeping up with everybody else was almost impossible. Also, the only way I saw to keep adding lots of links to the page was checking out two or three other link pages and stealing their links. I wasn't too happy with that idea.

It's been fun. I got mentioned on Slashdot, and a simple page like this one got many more hits than any of the other "serious" pages that I've worked on. Figures. I'd like to thank everybody who sent links to the page, helping it grow (especially Constance; she kept sending me lots of links, and I'd say at least 25% of them were hers. Thank you so much).

That is all, I think. The world is a small place, so maybe we'll see each other around :) Congrats if you have read this far.

All the best,